was born on july 31st. He has always had a passion for music when growing up. He studied and took private lessons of drums,guitar,piano,bass, and vocals so that he can become a better musician. He currently has a associates in Mechanic engineering at Eastfield College and a bachelors in Biology at UTA whilst pursuing the American Dream with his 2 younger brothers.





was born on June 19th. At the age of 6 he self-taught himself the keyboards and percussion for a period of time. Rey was always fascinated with music and loved to create music. He is currently in college majoring in Digital Music Composition, and business  at Cedar Valley College.

Rey wants to live as a musician and go as a musician with his brothers. 

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LOS MORROS "Te Amo Solo A Ti" 2017 [Video Oficial] REMIX




was born on July 19th. At the age of 9 he was self-taught with guidance of his brothers. Daniel started with the wood-block on stage. Then Later, he progressed to be a conga player, and finally, drums. He has a huge passion for Drums he wont let go. Lets just say its apart of him. Daniel graduated High School and wants to major in Audio Engineering and Business at Cedar Valley College. He will stick with his bros till the end.